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 Spyware Doctor 5.1

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PostSubject: Spyware Doctor 5.1   Tue Dec 25, 2007 8:49 am

Spyware Doctor 5.1

Spyware Doctor 5.1

Spyware Doctor 5.1 incorporates performance optimizations to ensure minimal usage of system resources and interference for the end user. These enhancements include:
* Reduced system resources (lower memory footprint)
Spyware Doctor 5.1 uses less system memory resources to ensure optimal computer performance. This enhancement is achieved through the implementation of a smaller memory footprint.

* Reduced CPU (processor) priority option
This option allows scanning to be assigned a lower CPU (processing) priority when other applications are running at the same time. This feature frees up processing resources for other applications, allowing your computer to run faster during scanning. Additionally, the OnGuard real-time component within Spyware Doctor 5.1 has been optimized to reduce system load while still keeping your computer protected.

* Other under-the-hood enhancements and optimization to increase the overall performance of Spyware Doctor.

Spyware Doctor has been enhanced to function more efficiently alongside popular antivirus applications. This is achieved by enabling Spyware Doctor's "kernel compatibility mode" upon recognizing other antivirus software installed.
Faster system startup

Spyware Doctor has been optimized to ensure minimal impact on your computer startup ensuring faster system boot time.
Re-designed scanning screen

The scanning screen has been redesigned to be more informative, by clearly displaying the scan location, items processed and total scan progress





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Spyware Doctor 5.1
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