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 Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008

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~~SHA~~the King
~~SHA~~the King

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PostSubject: Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008   Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2007 4:00 pm

Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008

Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008 Parago10

Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008

Description: Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2008 SUITE - continues the further development of a product, now with additional opportunities for work with hard disks (HDD), allowing to carry out All of you necessary operations on management of hard disks. It is possible to change easily and safely splitting of a hard disk, to change parameters of sections, to get access to invisible sections. You can simultaneously establish and work with several OS on one computer, break a barrier between different families of OS Windows and Linux - full access and any operations with any file systems in any operational system.
You can provide safety of your data quickly and simply. Creation of archival spears of sections and the whole hard disks allows quickly восстановливать all data at refusal of a hard disk or any failures of a computer. Multipass затирание data allows to remove for ever all private information without any opportunity of its subsequent restoration. The unique technology of a defragmentation of disks will allow you to contain your data on disks in the Basic opportunities: - Work under DOS and Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000, Windows XP/Windows Vista (32-bit.) - Support IDE, SCSI, SATA disks; Firewire/USB-external disks and disks of greater sizes; - Loading up to 16-ΤΏ operational systems on one personal computer; - Creation, removal, concealment and activation of sections; - Copying and moving of sections (any file system); - Function of copying with change of the size of section. At copying section you can change the size of section: to reduce till the size of the borrowed place on section or to increase by size свобоного spaces of a hard disk; - Converting of file systems (FAT16 <-> FAT32, FAT16/32 <-> NTFS); - Change of the sizes of sections with data (FAT16 //32/32x, NTFS, Ext2/3 FS, Reiser FS); - Support NTFS with the compressed files and-or folders; - Support of the removed management on a network through TCP/IP or IPX reports; - Access to sections Ext2/3FS under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003; - Support





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Paragon Hard Disk Manager SUITE 2008
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